Questions I’ve Considered

As we get older, they say we grow more aptly defined by the types of questions we’ve always asked, rather than our answers.

As I’m getting older I’m finding more and more that “systems thinking” aptly gathers the kinds of questions I’ve asked for years.

In the past 5 years, I’ve been fascinated by issues of:

  • The American workforce
  • Collapse/transformation/transition of rural US regions like the Midwest
  • Compassionate communication
  • Managing your energy (versus your time)
  • Neuroscience of leadership
  • US health care system and chronic health issues
  • El Salvador – history, crime, social context, culture, climate, lifestyle, working environments
  • Human-centered design and rapid methods for creating
  • Integrated health — yoga, ayurveda, meditation, psycho-somatics, now energy healing

Before then, I studied a variety of different things in college and early jobs:

  • Social characterization of women as witches, and its effect on economic development
  • Criminal prosecution and punishment for sexual assault/rape, and how it diminishes survivors’ willingness to report, obfuscating the real issue
  • Socially responsible investment for mission-driven organizations: aide or distraction?
  • Argentina’s financial and monetary collapse (one of my favorite papers)
  • White collar crime/fraud in the 2007-8 US credit crisis/financial crash
  • Intellectual property valuation – how much is it worth when one company infringes another’s patent of a medical device, i.e. a heart stent?

There’s a lot of systems stuff here! — how parts interrelate, how social systems actually function, in contrast to how we tend to “think” they function, how behaviors and systems actually change as opposed to commonly held theory.

It’s probably not “all” or “just” systems stuff, but I think I may be noticing a trend!


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